VocBox iPhone app version 1.3 release!

Dear VocBox users,

A new version of Vocbox iPhone app is now available for download! Get the update for VocBox 1.3 on iTunes and check the new features.

We took into account your comments and feedback to make the application handier and more intuitive, while keeping all of your favorite features.

New features:

  • Flashcards are now editable! Just choose one card in the preview list of your deck and fix typos or mistakes.
  • You can reverse de sides of flashcards in a deck. For example, if you have a German/French deck, you can reverse the flashcards to be displayed as French/German, both in the preview list and when studying!
  • The app was adapted to iPhone 5 screen, to make the most of its size and resolution.
  • The menu for choosing a box to study was enhanced, displaying the number of flashcards on each box.

Please try it out and leave your opinion in the comment section!

VocBox Team

2 Responses to VocBox iPhone app version 1.3 release!

  1. Jonas says:

    The update is very nice!
    But I’d even like it more if there was a feature on the app to mix the flashcards by random. Similar to the website.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much, Jonas! We will take into account the randomizing of flashcards for next releases.

      VocBox Team

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