Recent changes on Vocbox

Dear Vocbox users,

As you may have noticed, Vocbox has changed it’s interface for the “Study” section. It’s been divided into three tabs:

  • “My Sets”, where you can see and manage your added and created decks. Now you can also create folders/categories here to organize your decks. To move your deck into a folder, just hover over it until the move icon () appears. Click on it and choose the folder you wish to move it to.
  • “Official Sets”, where you can see the latest official, special interest and language magazine decks. These decks are reviewed and uploaded by our staff. They used to be on the right hand side of our old “Study” interface.
  • “Public Sets”, where you can check out other user’s public decks – and your own! Also, you now have the option to sort the decks by most recent, most popular and best rated.

“Best rated?” – you might ask. Well yes, now it’s possible to rate other user’s decks, by casting a vote on it, from 1 to 5 stars.

And we’re still working on more features! We hope you’ve liked the changes so far. Please feel free to leave comments – we’re constantly checking our blog.

Happy Vocboxing!

6 Responses to Recent changes on Vocbox

  1. medellino says:

    Long time ago, that here happend something new. What happend? Is this blog now dead, or will you continue and when?

  2. admin says:

    Hi @medellino,

    We’re sorry we haven’t had an update in quite some time – but we’ve just been busy preparing some new changes in Vocbox! We’ll inform you very soon about what’s new, and what’s coming.

    Thanks for your interest!

    Vocbox Team

  3. Nick Bell says:

    Even when I am successful, my words don’t move to Box 6. Why is that?

  4. lkk4 says:

    When we create our own vocab sets how do we type a character with an accent mark or tilde?

  5. admin says:

    Hi lkk4,

    thanks for your feedback. In the Create/Edit view, there’s a cursive “A” icon. If you click on it, a virtual keyboard should appear. It may not display correctly on all browsers, however, since we’re still working on it’s compatibility. If this is your case, you can still use your operative system’s on-screen keyboard.

    For example, in Windows 7, you may find it in Start->All Programs->Accesories->Ease of Access.

    In OS X, you can go to System Preferences->International->Input Menu and activate the Keyboard Viewer. After this a flag should show up on your menu bar. Click it, and then click on “Show Keyboard Viewer”.

    Vocbox Team

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