Upcoming changes on VocBox

We’ve just added a new feature to VocBox! In case you haven’t noticed, you can now edit decks that you’ve added from other users.

How does it work?

Once you’ve added the deck, just click on the Edit icon. Once you save, this new, modified deck will belong to you, and will be published under your name. Don’t worry – the changes you make won’t affect the other user’s deck. This feature is useful for adding your own improvements for personal use, or to create a more complete vocabulary set.

But that’s not everything – we’re constantly working on new features. Some upcoming features include:

  • Organize your decks within folders/categories.
  • A cleaner and more organized look and feel.
  • Moving and copying terms, from one deck to another.
  • A ranking system to evaluate decks.
  • An iPhone App for learning on the move.

One Response to Upcoming changes on VocBox

  1. VocBoxer says:

    Great! Thanks for the udpate :-)

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